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Project Preparation Facility (PPF)


This facility aims at developing and growing the country’s pipeline of bankable projects and deliver sizeable projects with significant economic and developmental impact. Project preparation facility provides financial, strategic and technical support to ensure that a greater number of projects in the country reach financial closure. It alleviates the risk by identifying and eliminating key risks at the earliest possible stage. As a result, the risk of non-completion of projects is reduced, costs are better contained and delivery is timely.

This product has the following benefits;

  • An enabling environment for a project to be implemented
  • Pre-feasibility studies
  • Bankable feasibility studies
  • Pre-financing of prerequisite costs to reach financial close
  • Project de-risking mechanisms. A high quality suite of project documents which demonstrate bankability and thus motivate financier interest
  • Crowdfunding

Project Features

The project preparation and development facility encompasses providing support and finance to undertake the following activities:

  • Project identification
  • Feasibility assessment
  • Technical assistance
  • Financial structuring
  • Project preparation funding
  • Capital raising and mandated lead arranger

Eligible Intervention Beneficiaries

The facility is available to both private and public institutions with focus on creation of economic assets/infrastructure in the trade, manufacturing, transport, water, sanitation, power, ICT and telecommunications sectors. It also includes social infrastructure in the education and health sectors because of the sectors’ potential to increase productivity, diversification of the economy and development of new markets as well as skill development (human Capital).

Eligibility Criteria

 An applicant is required to satisfy the following conditions:

  • A legally registered business entity;
  • Ability to contribute at least 30% of the project preparation costs;
  • Existence of Pre-feasibility study;
  • Adequate collateral;


EDF works in partnership with regional and multilateral institutions to deliver value to our clients.


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