Making exports grow


Export Development Fund aims at contributing towards the country’s economic development through providing export enterprise financing and advisory services. EDF is currently offering two credit facilities:

  • The Malawi kwacha line of credit
  • The United States Dollar line of credit

EDF’s products are designed to spur long-term growth by; promoting sustainable enterprises and encouraging entrepreneurship through the financing of start-ups, expansions and diversification.

To EDF will always ensure that its products meet and exceed the expectations of its customers.

EDF executes its mandate through offering the following products:

Direct Loans

  • Capital expenditure loans
  • Working Capital loans

Loan guarantee

EDF provides guarantee cover to export enterprises whose concepts have been deemed viable by commercial banks.

Equity Participation

Export Development Fund is mandated to invest in equity financing of promising export business start-ups and ideas, EDF will be taking shareholding for a defined timeframe.

Advisory services

EDF realizes that export development, promotion and growth require more than just finance. There is evidence that management and advisory services assume critical role in the success of developmental projects and helping businesses expand and create jobs. To help the export enterprises, EDF has a team of qualified and dedicated staff that will offer:

  • Business advice
  • Intermediary services relevant to exports


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