Making Exports Grow

Focus Areas

EDF was set up as an implementing vehicle of national development plans like the National Export Strategy (NES). The fund's mandate to grow the country's exports is wide and involves interventions in the following sectors:


EDF is for diversification from traditional exports and the NES earmarks the following high value crops as potential exports; Soy beans, Cotton, Pigeon peas, Groundnuts, Rice, Coffee and sunflower. 

The fund will intervene in the value chains of these crops and any other strategic crops that are identified.


The fund supports value addition projects for any of the crops mentioned above


EDF provides development financing for the manufacturing of exportable products as well as those meant to substitute imports.


The fund is mandated to finance mining projects in the country. This sector has been identified as a high potential area as far as exports are concerned.


EDF will also be involved in financing construction of tourist attraction centres and its related services.

Transportation Service

Cost effective transportation is very key to the success of the clusters above. EDF will support all projects in this sector that are directly linked to exports

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