Making Exports Grow

Export Regulations

Goods Requiring Export Licenses

Exporters of the following goods are required to obtain a license

i. Implements of war, (other than arms and ammunition), atomic energy materials of strategic value, and items of primary strategic significance used in the production of arms and ammunition and other implements of war.

ii. Beryllium, cobalt, tantalum, uranium, lithium, columbite, niobium (columbium) thorium, germanium, titanium, nickel and nickel alloys including any materials containing such metals.

iii. Petroleum products

iv. Wild animals, wild animals' trophies and wild animal products including birds and reptiles and any eggs produced by such birds or reptiles.

v. Maize and maize meal including:

- Dried maize, on or off the cob

- Crushed maize

- Maize grits

- Maize offals

- Maize cones

- Hominy chop but excluding green maize on the cob

vi. Un manufactured tobacco

vii. Tea

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