Driving Malawi's international competitiveness and inclusive growth

Strategic Pillars

EDF has over the years played a key role in driving transformational change through multi-faceted investments for different types of export-oriented projects. Our experience has resulted in us creating sound strategic objectives to lead us towards reaching our key mandate.

  • Promote Intra-Africa Trade and Malawi’s international competitiveness.

Our aim is to promote intra-African trade and Malawi’s international competitiveness by focusing on production, market linkages, and infrastructure to support the growth of our exports, taking advantage of the vast market opportunities presented by the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

  • Facilitate Value addition and export manufacturing.

We aim to actively provide strategic enablers to facilitate value addition and export manufacturing. Our interventions aim to Catalyze, Value Add, and provide Market Linkages for Malawian businesses. We facilitate both soft and hard infrastructure development to increase production of “Made in Malawi” products and services and support trading of the same.

  • Increase access to affordable trade and development finance.

To support trade and development, we are expanding our services by providing financial and non-financial interventions through instruments such as export credit agency services, trade finance, specialized financing schemes, syndications, venture capital financing, project preparation services, and trade information services.

  • Financial sustainability.

We strive to maintain profitability and operational efficiency to enable growth in equity and fund developmental activities.

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Contact Information

Export Development Fund
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